USC Doheny Library Wonderland Awards

USC Doheny Library Wonderland Award Recipient- VIII, IX & X 

The University of Southern California, Doheny Library Wonderland Award is an annual multidisciplinary competition that encourages new scholarship and creative work related to Lewis Carroll (1832–1898).

During his time as a doctoral student at USC, Stylés Akira participated in the Wonderland Awards four times placing three times; amalgamating a body of creative work including five paintings, a sculpture, a drawn mural, two novellas, and two short stories. These works have been detailed below.

Wayward Fool Novella and Canvas Painting

Presented at USC Doheny Library 11th Annual Wonderland Awards

He splattered lace parasols with mutton grease and toppled the hats of dignified gentlemen with rotten apples and other spoiled fruit. From the alleyway all that could be heard was a ruckus of bangs and clanks, splashes and dings, groans and grunts, and the occasional absurdity blurted out at random in keeping with the bazar behavior of the deranged lunatic.
— The Broad Street Maniac from Wayward Fool
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'"Wayward Foolby Stylés Akira                                                                             (Acrylic, Baby's Breath, Dill, Thyme, and Sweet Oregano on Canvas)


For I have seen the souls of men change weary with discontent. Whether this shall be my fate remains still to be determined. But in their eyes there lies the heavy burden of desperation, the lust for things uncanny, the savage craving for acceptance, and a safe return the realm of common places. These are the ambitions of the insane

But for love a man will suffer dire feats. And where he goes he ends up so it bears repeat

Like a madman chasing shadows in the street             Like a madman chasing shadows in the street


Of Senselessness and Nonsensibility Novella and Mural 

Awarded at USC Doheny Library 10th Annual Wonderland Awards

The feared commander of the Clap Jaw was none other than Captain Filthy McCracken, the same gentleman who had been sitting at a pinochle table in the Scallywag Tavern when he was drawn up by his collar by Admiral Rupert Scuttlebarry.
— Act I, Part II - Preludes & Cream: How the Rajas Lost Their Marbles from Of Senslessness and Nonsensability
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"The Lunatic Cavalcade" by Stylés Akira

(Ink and Pastel on Packing Paper)

The Duchess of Wonderland Short Story and Sculpture

Awarded at USC Doheny Library 9th Annual Wonderland Awards

Crooksly made off with the statue and a pair of brass candle holders much to the delight of Sir Arthur, who hated the statue vehemently and displayed gross indifference to the loss of his wife’s candle holders.
— From The Duchess of Wonderland:
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"The Duchess of Wonderland" by Stylés Akira 

(Acrylic on Papier-mâché)

Portraits from the Gallery                                       of the Royal Palace of Hearts                                 Short Story and Four Canvas Paintings

Awarded at USC Doheny Library 8th Annual Wonderland Awards

I spent countless hours—countless because the watch refused to count them insisting that it was his job neither to count, nor keep, nor tell time, rather to watch it as he was a watch.
— Stylés Akira from Portraits from the Gallery of the Royal Palace of Hearts
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"Off With His Head!" - The queen of Hearts by Stylés Akira            (Acrylic and Playing Cards on Canvas)

"Pompous Circumstance" - Humpty Dumpty by Stylés Akira        (Acrylic and Egg Shells on Canvas)

"Brothers' Keepers" - The Brothers Tweedle by Stylés Akira          (Acrylic, Sand, and Ribbon on Canvas)

"The Little Girl" - Alice by Stylés Akira                                                (Acrylic, pages of 'Wonderland', and Ribbon on Canvas)

Photography by Kimberly Villanueva ©2015
and Stylés Akira for Casa La Doniccé